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Apostille : Document that verifies that a document is authentic or real. 
Notarization : A signature and/or seal by someone with authority to authenticate a document. At times, a notarization is necessary to get an apostille.




American citizens must get their original FBI checks apostilled by the U.S Department of State in Washington D.C since it's a federal level document.

They must also get a scanned copy of their Bachelor's degree apostilled by the Secretary of State's office of his/her residence since it's a state level document.

*A notarization is not required for your FBI check but it IS REQUIRED for your degree in order to get it apostilled.

*You can get your Degree notarized by a public notary near you, a bank, or state attorney's office.

You can manually apostille both documents by visiting the FBI webpage and Secretary of State's website, but a much more efficient way is to use a channeling agency.

Most recommended apostille channeling agency :

(Timeline estimation : Roughly 1 week)

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