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Apostille : Document that verifies that a document is authentic or real. 
Notarization : A signature and/or seal by someone with authority to authenticate a document. At times, a notarization is necessary to get an apostille.



American citizens must get their original FBI checks apostilled by either the U.S Department of State in Washington D.C or from any State in America.

They must also get a scanned copy of their Bachelor's degree apostilled by a Secretary of State's office since it's a state level document.

*A notarization is not required for your FBI check but it IS REQUIRED for your degree in order to get it apostilled.

*You can get your Degree notarized by a public notary near you, a bank, or state attorney's office.

You can manually apostille both documents by visiting the FBI webpage and Secretary of State's website, but a much more efficient way is to use a channeling agency.

We are knowledgeable about the various apostille channeling agencies out there, but our number one recommendation by far is US Authentication Services.  

We had the pleasure of speaking with Shalini, one of the owners of US Authentication, and they are highly professional and efficient about getting apostilles back to teachers as quickly as possible. 

**Fill out this order form and email it to: to get 15% off each apostille for $55 USD!  

*Current Turnaround Time for federal apostille : Roughly 6~8 weeks because of understaffing of State Department officers post Covid)

       *Current Turnaround Time for state apostille : Roughly 2-3 business days. (We highly recommend this route for both the FBI check and               degree.)

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