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Variety of Coins


The standard benefits that you can expect from any private school in South Korea are as follows : 

1. Monthly salary ranging from 2.1 million won ~ 2.5 million won, depending on experience and qualifications

2. One way flight airfare to Korea (paid upfront by the school or reimbursed when arrived at Korea) or return flight back home after the contract

3. Medical Insurance (50% paid by the school and the employee monthly)

4. Pension (All 6 countries, except for South Africa, are eligible for the National Pension Scheme by international contractual agreement)

5. Two weeks (10 work days, usually split into summer and winter days scheduled by the school in advance) of paid vacation days, in addition to all National holidays off

6. Three Paid sick leaves (usually with a doctor's note)

7.  Severance Payment : A bonus given at the end of the contract equivalent to one month's salary amount

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